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How To Choose And Save Outdoor Furniture For Beach House

Published October 27, 2016 in Design Home , Outdoor Furniture - 0 Comments

Choosing outdoor furniture can be a fun activity, especially if you enjoy decorating your home and the area around it. But, due to the weather conditions, this type of furniture requires special attention when you choose it, and some special care and protection once you buy it.

Basic requirements

When you choose furniture for your patio, it is important to be aware of the style you want to go for. Think of the style of the rest of the home and the house’s exterior, and look for the pieces of furniture that will fit. Make a list of everything you need, so it will be easier to focus and find the furniture you plan to use for the patio.

hammocks-and-benchesAside from being stylish and suiting the style of your home, it is very important to look for furniture that is sturdy and made from high-quality material. Salty and humid air can be harsh on wood and metal. Plastic furniture can look great for some time, but the sun will make it become brittle lose its vibrant color. Therefore, it is recommended to go for teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker furniture that can hold all weather conditions. If you buy metal pieces, or furniture with metal elements, make sure that they were made from stainless steel.

Try it out

When you choose the pieces you would like to buy, make sure to try them out. Some chairs, hammocks and benches may appear cosy and stylish at the first sight, but turn out to be uncomfortable. Since you want to combine beauty and resistance with good comfort, feel free to sit and try out the piece of furniture before you buy it.

Multi-purpose pieces

Outdoor spaces can benefit from pieces of furniture that have multiple purposes. This helps you save money, but can also save space and make the patio cosy and avoid clutter. For example, you can buy an ottoman that serves as an extra seat and as a storage space. Instead of a small table, you can use a vintage chest of drawers that can provide you storage space together with a surface to lay your lemonade or a cup of tea.

Storage and covering

Even if you buy the most durable furniture, you will still need to protect it when the weather is bad, especially if your patio/porch area is in need of repair. Therefore, think about the place where you will store the pieces when the weather is bad or when the outdoor season is over. It can be a garage or a shed, as long as it keeps your furniture dry and away from harsh weather. In order to save space and make the storing easier, you can go for foldable chairs and elements of furniture that can be taken apart.

During the season, when you do not use the patio, you should protect the furniture by covering it. This way you will protect it from salt and moisture, and it will stay beautiful and durable for the years to come.